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Timeless Quality

Well Made Furniture Lasts

Over time, everything ages, especially patio furniture exposed to the harsh sun. But with expert restoration, older patio furniture can be transformed to look as good as new.  Like many things that were made in the past, quality patio furniture was meant to last a lifetime.  When lovingly restored, classics can be brought back to their original beauty, and enjoyed for many years to come.

Vintage Lovingly Restored

Timeless Never Goes Out Of Style

When outdoor furniture looks worn & sad, it can be made to look lovely again. These older gems are just made better & well worth bringing back to life.  How is this done?  Fabrics & soft furnishings go first, and typically need to be repaired or new cushions need to be created. Straps fade & tear and need replacing.  Metal frames?  Dusty & rusty can be restored to smooth & shiny.


Restored Patio Furniture


Slings & Straps

Painted Metal

Patio Furniture

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